What  is D2D Rewards™? 
D2D Rewards™ is our new membership program designed to give PC gamers the opportunity to earn big discounts on the games they love. The concept is simple: the more you spend on Direct2Drive, the greater your discount. It’s that simple!

What are the D2D Rewards™ levels? 

¹Accumulated Annual Purchases made on Direct2Drive since November 1st, 2014.
²If making purchases outside of the U.S., your local currency will be converted for D2D Rewards status.
Which D2D items will qualify towards my rewards? 
Full games (new, old, pre-orders), season passes and DLC.

What is excluded from my discount? 
PSN games and currency cards. That’s it.

Sounds great! How do I become a member? 
As a customer of Direct2Drive, you are already a member.  So you can start receiving discounts right away. You will also receive email notifications of sales, promotions, and other offers.

Are discounts stackable? 
Yes! You can stack your rewards discount with any PC game that is part of a promotion.

How long does it take for my reward level to upgrade after I buy something? 
It’s instant. For example, a registered member who makes a $59.99 purchase will automatically see the Platinum rewards level discount of 20% or 10%, depending on the title, applied for that and future purchases.

If I cancel a pre-order that elevated my rewards level, do I lose that level?
Yes, you do.

Can I increase my reward level by buying a game as a gift for someone? 
Yes, you can.

Can I transfer my reward status to a friend or family member? 
No, sorry. Membership status is not transferable.

What if I want the membership but don’t want to provide my e-mail address?
Unfortunately, that won’t work. Your e-mail is your login and helps us reward you for your D2D purchase.

Can I have multiple memberships? 
No, please don’t. Only one per person.

When does my reward status expire? 
Your reward status expires 12 months after your initial purchase. After that date, your status is reset until you make another purchase.