How can I sign up for cloud play? 

You can earn Cloud Play hours by purchasing a game from D2D. Every $10 you spend in one transaction earns you 1 hour of Cloud Play. This is purely per transaction, meaning if you spend $14.99 in one transaction, the extra $4.99 will not carry over as credit in your next transaction.

Is the service available on Mac? 

Currently, there is no Mac client available.

How can I transfer files from my local computer to my cloud play computer” 

There is no direct link between your PC and your Cloud Play Computer. To transfer files you will have to use a service such as Dropbox.

Are my usage/play habits monitored or shared with 3rd parties? 

We do not share or even monitor any of your data or activity.

Can I torrent games, movies, and software on my cloud play computer? 

Using unlicensed software and/or media is against our terms of service and you can be banned permanently for this.

Can I use game controllers in cloudplay/instant play? 

Yes, most controllers are supported.

Can I stream my gameplay while using Cloud Play? 

You can stream your Cloud Play experience the way you would stream any other software.

Do my hours ever expire?

Cloud Play is currently in beta, and all unused hours will expire in January 2018. Please be reminded that your downloaded games and any files you placed on your Cloud Play computer will also disappear.

What are the specifications of my cloud play computer? 

CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2670 2.6GHz

GPU: Nvidia GRID K520

RAM: 15 GB

Storage: 200 GB SSD

Max Bandwidth: 1,000 Mbps

OS: Windows Server 2016 64 bit

Can I be banned from Cloud Play?

Breaking our terms of service can result in a permanent ban.

What can I use cloud play for besides games?

Any software, applications, or web browsers will run our your Cloud Play computer the same as they would on a regular home or office PC.

How long will my data be saved after I run out of hours?

Cloud Play is currently in beta, and all of your data stored on your Cloud Play computer will be erased in January of 2018. This includes your downloaded games any files.

Are there different service levels of cloud play? 

Cloud Play is currently in beta, and all Cloud Play computers have identical levels of performance.

Can I buy hours directly or do I have to obtain them through only purchasing games? 

Cloud Play is currently in beta, and current hours are only available via purchasing games from D2D. If you are interested in obtaining more hours, please contact us by submitting a ticket.

Is there a time out setting to help save my hours? 

To pause the countdown on your hours, you must quit your Cloud Play instance. Cloud Play is currently in beta, and this and other features are in development. If you have feedback or suggestions please submit a ticket.

What are the minimum specifications of the D2D Streaming client?

Hardware: Intel i3 (2012) or newer model, or machine with dedicated GPU from nVidia or AMD

OS: Windows 7 64 bit OS or Windows 8 or higher.

Will Cloud Play PC data be saved and how long? 

Yes, your Cloud Play PC data is saved. However, if you no longer have any Cloud Play time remaining on your account and haven't logged in for 2 weeks, we will terminate your server to free up resources. Your account is still active and once you add hours to your Cloud Play time you can always start up a new server to use. Your data from your old server however will be no longer available.