If you're having trouble with activating your GameFly or Direct2Drive game and see the GameFly activation screen below, please see the following steps.




Ensure your game is installed, and you have tried to launch prior to using the steps below: 
If your game has both a single-player and multi-player option, please launch in Single-player FIRST! 


  1. Exit the game -- make sure that it is not still running in the background minimized, but that you have fully exited the game.  (If you did not previously install & activate the game, you will encounter an error, which is expected behavior.)
  2. Download the following file:  Paul.zip (attached below, as well)
  3. Extract the zipped file.
  4. Open the folder that your game is installed to. Typical install locations are:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\ Game Name or Publisher
    • C:\Program Files\ Game Name or Publisher
  5. Copy & Paste or drag the 3 Files (paul.dll, lang, and logo-paul) from the extracted folder into your game installation folder. ( You're looking to overwrite the previous paul file. If you aren't prompted to overwrite an existing file you may not be in the correct folder! ) 
  6. Close the folders that you have open & try launching your game again.  Your activation window should now look like the image below:





Please note:  If you do not have an activation key for your game, and you need further technical assistance, please: