You may experience this error while installing The Sims 3 or Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion on your Mac. Please follow the instructions below to address this error. We have used The Sims 3 game as an example. Please change out the title to your specific game.

  1. Unpack the zip file that was downloaded from Direct2Drive. A folder should show up.
  2. Open the "Disk Utility" on your Mac and click on the "+ new image" tab.
  3. A drop down menu appears: 
    1. In the top dialog box, name it "Sims 3 Ambitions". 
    2. For the 2nd box- select "Save it to the desktop". Leave "Disk Name" as is. 
    3. For the "Volume Size" box, click it and select "Custom". 
    4. The next window appears, click the left box and put in "6". 
    5. In the right box, change to "GB". 
    6. Click on the Partions Tab, change it to CD/DVD and click "Create".
  4. Close the Disk Utility.
  5. Go to the desktop. There will be a "Sims 3 Ambitions".dmg file and a "Disk Image" Icon. Go into the folder that was extracted from The Sims 3 zip file. Highlight all contents in the folder and drag them onto the "Disk Image" Icon. It will copy them. Do not drag the folder onto the "Disk Image" Icon (it will not copy).
  6. When it is done copying, double click the "Disk Image" Icon that you just created. Go inside and click the "The Sims 3 Installer" Icon. It will now run.