Please do the following in order to download and patch Section 8:

  1. Download & install your game.
  2. After installing, please launch the game.
  3. You will be prompted to install a patch through Games for Windows Live. Please install that patch.
  4. Exit out of the game & return to the My Games page on our website, where you can download another patch. (You will see two download files under Section 8, one file will be the patch.)

    ***You will see this error Window if you try to run the game without the D2D Patch - Click "Cancel":

  5. Download & install the patch.
  6. Launch your game after patching. 

Please note, with the shutdown of GFWL you may experience errors when attempting to save your game, 

For further assistance from a Technical Support Specialist, please pastedGraphic_1.png