On Newer versions of Windows, it is common to receive missing dll file messages if you have installed an older game. These missing dll files are older DirectX files that are required to play, however, they may not be installed due to Windows using a newer version of DirectX.

It's recommended that you first try to install the recommended DirectX files that are included with your game.
You can locate the installation files for DirectX within the setup files for your game. Please run the dxsetup file as an Administrator. The most popular version of DirectX seen in older titles is DirectX 9.0C. 

You can also find DirectX 9.0C on the Microsoft website. 

If the error continues, you can download the missing dll file from here:



msvcp71.dll download  

d3dx9_33.dll download  

d3dx9_35.dll download   

d3dx9_40.dll download 

d3dx9_42.dll download 

d3dx9_27.dll download  


If you do not see your specific file listed here, please search on www.google.com  or contact Microsoft DirectX Support.

Once you have the dll file, please follow the steps below to install on your computer:


  1. Download your specific dll file.
  2. Extract the zip file into a new folder on your computer.
  3. Open the new folder and copy the dll file from your extraction folder into your Windows\system32 folder (if you are running Windows 7 32-bit) or Windows\sysWOW64 folder (if you are running Windows 7 64-bit).

If you get the error "awc.dll load failed", your game is likely an EA Game and Adobe Air is not loaded properly. For more help, please go to http://support.ea.com.

If you get an error about "xlive.dll", your game is a Windows Live game. Please re-install GFWL 3.5 HERE. 

While Games for Windows Live has shut down, and you will not be able to connect to the service, installing the software can supply the required dll's your title may be looking for and help get you up and running.