To ensure you have a smooth download experience, please see our Download Preparation Guide.

  Locate the file on your Hard Drive.  If the file is a .zip file,  we recommend using the free version of WinRAR to perform your file extraction. 

Other archive programs such as Winzip can struggle with larger archive files, like those found in game downloads, and we find users have the best luck with WinRAR

1. Locate the file on your hard drive and double click it to open it with WinRaR.

2. Once you have opened the file, you’ll want to select Extract to: at the top of the screen

3. Here you’ll be able to select the folder you would like to extract your file to. For best results we always recommend you extract installation files from your Zip before attempting to install your game. 

4. Once you have specified your location, hit OK to extract your game files to the folder of your chosing! 

Do not use the Windows built-in extraction tool to unzip your files. It may result in errors such as it asking you to insert a DVD or CDROM.