Be Prepared.

Check your hard drive space. Your new game is going to need room to unpack. Make sure you have at least two and a half times the hard drive space needed for the game itself. For example, if your game says it's a 12GB file, you'll want to have at least 30GB of free space to allow for it to decompress, install and update if needed.


Keep in mind that your browser temp files take up a lot of space. Empty your browser temp files for your game to unpack properly.


Be Connected.

Your game is going to require online activation. If you are installing your game from a saved zip file to another computer, you will need an internet connection for the activation process to complete.

Configure Firewalls and Disable Popup Blockers.

Make sure your firewall/router is configured to allow online activation. And that any pop up blockers or anti spyware programs are not interfering with your connection. 

Have Zip software ready to extract your title if it does not come as an exe. ( we recommend WinRAR ) 

You can downloaded WinRAR here:


Prevent blocking for Windows

We suggest you add your game to "Run as administrator" to avoid issues with Windows Firewall blocking downloads.