“How can I sign up for Instant Play?” 

All D2D accounts are eligible for Instant play.

“How many times can I play an Instant Play demo?” 

You can only play an Instant Play demo for the amount of time designated.

“Do I need to download the games to demo them?”

No! Once you download the D2D Streaming client just once, you can access every Instant Play demo.

“Is the service available on Mac?” 

Currently there is no Mac client available.

“Can I stream my gameplay while using Instant Play” 

You can stream your Cloud Play experience the way you would stream any other software.

“Are there refunds for hours or games?” 

There are no refunds on digital keys or the hours received from them.

Who do I contact for technical or sales support?” 

Please submit a support ticket here.

“Are there games I can play for free?”

Yes, you can trial games for free through our Instant Play service.

"How frequent are Instant play spotlights?"

We are always working on improving our streaming services. Instant Play demos will be rolled into our regular promotions, but be on the lookout for spotlights in the future! You can always join the D2D mailing list to be kept up to date.

“What are the minimum specifications of the D2D Streaming client?” 

Hardware: Intel i3 (2012) or newer model, or machine with dedicated GPU from nVidia or AMD OS: Windows 7 64 bit OS or Windows 8 or higher