What are “tradable” PC games? 

It’s simple: games that you can trade back in for credit when you are done playing them. Mind-blowing, right? Console gamers have been doing this forever and we’re proud to finally be able to bring the concept to PC digital titles as well.

How is it possible to make digital PC game tradable? 

Great question. There are two essential ingredients: publisher participation and the use of a proprietary DRM software that keeps games secure while still allowing them to be traded.

Are these tradable games playable on Steam?

No. We use a non-Steam DRM to secure the game files but also allow them to be tradable.

Why do I need to download a separate client?

Similar to Steam and a few large publishers, we use a local client to launch the games in your library.

Which games are available?

We’re launching the program with some great games and working with even more top-notch publishers to add their most popular titles. Stay tuned as we continue to expand the program!

How can I tell which games are tradable? 

We want to make this easy. Each title’s product page will have an indicator to show whether a tradable version of the title is available. We also have a tradable games page that lists all of the tradable games in one place.

How much credit can I get back? 

It depends on a few factors, including the current price of the game, how recently it was released, and how many copies have already been traded in. The short answer is that the range will be 10% to 35%.

Can I trade in games from my Steam library? 

Not at this time. The games eligible for trade-in do not use Steam DRM.

Can I trade in games that I previously purchased on Direct2Drive? 

No, only games specifically identified as “tradable” in  the tradable games client  or on the title product pages.

Can I get cash for my games instead of trade in credit? 

Tradable games can only be traded for store credit. We want to make it less expensive for our customers to pre-order titles and buy new games.

What if I accidentally buy a Steam game when I wanted a tradable game (or vice versa)? 

Since tradable games are a new offering on Direct2Drive, we’ve put notifications in place to make it easy to tell when you’re buying a tradable game. There is no change for how Steam games are purchased.