We have provided below the commonly asked questions for purchasing on Direct2Drive.

Are there any restrictions on items I can buy?

Games may be offered to specific countries only and also may have minimum age restrictions. Please read the Product Information page for each game carefully prior to making a purchase.

If I purchase a PC game as a pre-order, when does my credit card get charged?

You are charged for pre-order item when your order is placed. 

Why won't my purchase complete?

There are a few reasons why a purchase may not succeed.  Please visit our Billing Support site for more details. Don't just keep retrying the purchase, multiple failed purchase attempts can result in a temporary hold on the account! 

Why are some games "country restricted"?

Certain games on Direct2Drive may have restrictions on which countries they can be purchased in. Publishers determine which countries a game may be sold in based on a number of factors and Digital Goods laws. Please check country restrictions on the Product Information page for the game you are interested in purchasing.

Will I be sent a CD-ROM of the game?

Direct2Drive purchases are for digital download, and you will not have to wait for a disk version to be shipped. You can begin your download as soon as your payment completes successfully. Note that Direct2Drive does not provide any physical copies for games, all purchases are for digital distribution. 

What is Direct2Drive’s refund Policy?

Digital purchases on Direct2Drive are considered final once you receive your game key, since these are given to us directly from the publisher, and D2D does not deal in 2nd hand or returned keys, they are considered redeemed once issued. 

You can read more on our refund policy HERE.