• If your game is an EA Game and you are unable to activate, please reach out to EA Games support for expert help.   
  • If your game uses Steam for activation and you're having trouble, please contact Steam Support for assistance.
  • If your game uses Ubisoft UPlay for activation and you're having trouble, please contact Ubisoft Support for assistance.
  • If you get a Gamefly branded activation screen when you attempt to activate, please make sure you have followed the steps in this guide.

For games that do not use the above DRM systems, please review the following tips to help you through the activation process:


 Firewalls are the most likely suspect when it comes to activation failures
his happens because your game's activation system needs to briefly contact the activation server to verify your game's key, and your protective software may view it as malicious in error. You'll want to make sure you have added your game's .exe file to your firewall exceptions/permissions to ensure this software does not block the attempt. You can find configuration steps for many popular protective programs HERE.


Double check that you have correctly copied your Key into the activation window 

The easiest way to do this is to highlight the key with your mouse, then press CTRL+C to copy, and CTRL+V to paste your file into window, this will avoid any accidental typos.


Run your game as administrator

To run your game in administrator in most versions of windows, right click on your game's desktop icon, and select "Run as Admin" from the drop down menu. This will give the game more permissions and keep attempts to activate from being blocked. Make sure you have entered all the keys located on your My Games page. Some titles have a second multiplayer key that may need to be entered outside of the normal activation window. If you are missing DLC content for your game, there may be additional keys that need to be entered. This is most common with Gold or Game of the Year editions of titles.

**Please note:  If you did not purchase your game from GameFly/Direct2Drive we will not be able to assist you with activation.  We support activations for games purchased on our site only and do not support downloads from other sites.