Have you updated your Direct2Drive downloaded title with a publisher released patch? 

This error is most common if you attempt to patch your D2D title with publisher released patches that are not compatible with the Direct2Drive version of your game. If the publisher for a title has released a new patch, and you do not see it available on Direct2Drive, please contact our support team for assistance!

Many older games are designed to scan your CD/DVD ROM drive for a game disk, even when digitally downloaded.


Make sure that your computer's CD/DVD ROM does not have a disk loaded in the tray. If a disk is present, the game will attempt to read it and return this error message.  Empty the CD/DVD ROM tray, and try launching your game again.

If your PC does not have an internal drive, this may be the issue.  Netbooks and mini PCs usually don't come with internal CD drives, and the game may be looking for the CD-rom drivers & cannot find them.

If you have an external CD drive, try plugging it in and then launching the game again.  You should be able to activate the game at that point.

its possible that your game did not install correctly, or part of your game file has been quarantined by protective software during installation.  

This is another one more common with older titles, but can happen on newer ones as well. The best way to address this is to completely uninstall your title. Once you have done this, follow the guide below

  1. Navigate to where your game's installation files are located. 
  2. Locate the installation file for your game, this is normally listed as something to the effect of "install.exe, or setup.exe." 
  3. Add this install file to your protective software's exceptions/permissions. ( you can find steps for configuration for most popular protective software HERE.
  4. Once you have done this, right click your install file and select "Run as Administrator" to start your installation. 

If you are receiving a message requesting a CD for NWN2, you may need to try manually patching the game. Unfortunately, the automatic patching for the title is no longer supported. Your fellow gamers have compiled a collection of useful information regarding updating NWN2 here



If you need further assistance from Customer Support, pleasepastedGraphic.png