What is a Pre-Purchase?

A Pre-Purchase is an order for a game that is not yet available to retailers but will be ready to download soon so it is available. If you would like to be one of the first to get it, you can pre-purchase the game and make sure you are ready on release day! Digital copies don't run out like retail stores do.


When will the game be ready for me to play?

Direct2Drive tries hard to give you up to the minute information. Most games have a release date, but sometimes there are circumstances where the game is delayed. Keep your eye on the game information page for updates.


When am I charged for a pre-purchase?

All charges for Direct2Drive purchases are immediate. You are charged at checkout for the full price of the pre-order. Please carefully review the details on your order in the checkout process.


How will I know my game is ready for me?

The release date & time for your game is noted on the product description page. On that date, your key and download are ready! If there are any important updates, we will notify you on that page or on the front page of support.


Is there a pre-load for my game? 

Not all games have the option for preload, as it is at the publisher's discretion.  If your game has a pre-load, it will state this on the Product Description.


What do I get for buying a pre-purchase?

All details are shown on the product description page.  Any bonus items or exclusive content is shown on this page. Customer Support does not have additional information, all information is posted publicly.


When do I get my key?

You will get your key when the game's release date arrives. In rare cases, you may get the key to pre-load (if advertised).Pre-load depends from game to game and publisher to publisher. 


My pre-order came with "beta access".  What is that?

A beta is when the developer wants to test the game before it goes live on retail shelves. It's an exclusive opportunity for a select few to preview the game and report bugs and feedback.  It is not the final version of the game, so things may change between the start of the beta and the games launch based on user feedback! 


It said I have access to the "live servers early". What does that mean?

When your pre-order is a Massive Multiplayer Online game (MMO), you may be offered the special opportunity to play online on those servers prior to the release of the game in stores. This is good for getting ahead of the Crush of players when the game launches. Letting you escape the starting leveling zones with precious named NPC’s killed and quests completed. 


What if I change my mind, can I get a refund?

We will be happy to refund your pre-purchase up to 48 hours prior to the release of the game in the event your purchase did not include a free game or an exclusive beta key offer.


Once pre-purchase exclusive items are consumed (where a key is provided to you on your Purchase History), the sale is final. Please make sure you have read the game information carefully prior to purchasing.


If you have further questions, you can contact our support team HERE!