This can happen when Windows is blocking the file from opening. The game will appear to start and then do nothing. You may not see the message stating the Windows Firewall blocked the game. Behind the scenes, the Windows Firewall "Allow/Unblock" message is waiting for you to respond.

To view the "Allow/Unblock" message, please press ALT+TAB while on the opening screen for your game. An example of the message window is as follows:


Make sure you have added your game’s .exe file ( which can be located in the folder you installed it to. ) to any antivirus and firewall software you are running. This happens most with older software which newer AV programs may not recognize. 


You can find a list of popular firewalls and how to configure them HERE.

If the problem continues, you may have a corrupted installation. You may wish to delete your title and try installing again, making sure to install to a new directory to avoid any file cache issues. 

If you need further assistance from Direct2Drive Support, pleasepastedGraphic_2.png