To ensure you can play your games, check out the information below on how to manage Windows 7 and Vista blockers.

If your Windows Firewall is not configured in advance, it is possible Windows 7 will block your game from running at all.  You may not see the message stating the Windows Firewall blocked the game. The game will appear to start and then do nothing. Behind the scenes, the Windows Firewall "Allow/Unblock" message is waiting for you to respond.

To view the "Allow/Unblock" message, please press ALT+TAB while on the opening screen for your game. 

If you would like to leave the Windows Firewall running but prevent the games from being blocked, please go to Control Panel and click on "Windows Firewall".

This screenshot is the default settings in Windows Firewall.  When you choose "recommended", the following screen will display:

Notice it blocks "all connections to programs that are not on the list" by DEFAULT. You will need to add programs directly to the Windows Firewall that you wish not to block. Specifically, you will select the game from the list of programs that you would like the Windows Firewall to allow to go through. To do that, simply follow these steps:

Step 1:     

Step 2:


To no longer display the "unblock" pop up screen:

  • Go to Control Panel -> Click on "User Accounts"
  • Click on "Change User Account Control Settings"
  • Slide the bar to NEVER:


If you need further assistance from Customer Support, pleaseImage.