This error may be caused by a firewall that is not configured. Please make sure that you have added the game setup file to your exceptions/permissions in your protective software. Do not disable the software completely though, as Direct2Drive never wants you to leave your computer vulnerable.

If you are unsure how to do this, please check out guide here for a list of popular firewall programs. 

Please check all firewall software and any router you may be running.  Please note that Wireless internet settings may differ on your router from wired.  Please check your router documentation or support site for more information.

Once you have updated configurations on your router please do the following:

  • Shut down your computer 
  • Turn off the router and modem (unplug them) 
  • Wait 3 minutes 
  • Plug in the router and modem 
  • Start up your PC 


If you do not see an option to download your game on your games page, try clicking the key button to the right of your game's box art. If your game uses client software like Steam, Origin, or Uplay, directions will be located there. 

If you do not see additional directions on your key page, and are unable to download your game, please contact our support team for additional assistance!