We'd like to offer some tips and information for you to judge your download speed and get the most out of your connection. Our servers have uncapped bandwidth so if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers it, we can deliver fast!

How fast should you be downloading?

Your ISP gives you a connection speed. For example, they may tell you it is a 6MB connection. 6MB is your upload speed. Download speed is typically half that speed.

Below is an example on a connection speed test:

  • The upload speed is: 1443.3 Kilo-Bits/Sec 
  • The download speed is: 714.4 Kilo-Bits/Sec 
  • As noted above, the download speed is not the same as the upload speed (it is typically half) 

Please review the download speed expected based on your connection (for one file download):


Other tips you may wish to try when troubleshooting your download speed:

Step 1:

  1. Shut down any and all computers. 
  2. Turn off your modem and leave it off for no less than 3 minutes. 
  3. Turn your modem back on. Wait a minute and then turn your router on. 
  4. Turn on one computer only and temporarily disable your firewall(s). 
  5. Try your download again.

Step 2:

Check other sites offering downloads. Perhaps visit DSL Reports and see how your specific provider is performing. DSL Reports offer tools to check your connection and Router Watch tells you if your ISP has been having any problems.

  • Speedtest.net by Ookla:  pastedGraphic_1.png
  • Speakeasy Speed Test:  pastedGraphic_1.png

Step 3:

Upgrade/update your router or modem firmware. This is a hard coded upgrade to your hardware. Your ISP or router support can assist you further.

If you need further assistance from Customer Support, pleasepastedGraphic_2.png