Here are some tips to check if you're having some trouble with downloading:


Antivirus software, toolbars, and other programs may cause trouble when downloading

Turn off any unnecessary programs. The more you have running the more potential for conflicts there are 

With antivirus software, we encourage you to turn them on again after the download completes successfully. Check out our guide on how to configure your firewall and/or antivirus program for assistance.


Try another Computer 

If you have other computers in the house, try downloading on those computers and see if you are successful.  If you continue to experience the same issue, you'll want to check your router to make sure it is configured properly for download. If you do not administrate your router (such as on some college connections) you’ll want to contact your admin. 

Check other programs

Do you have other applications or downloads running concurrently?  If so, this may cause an issue.  The more programs you have running simultaneously, the less resources you have available for other programs.  Having multiple downloads working at once also takes a toll on your bandwidth, so we recommend not downloading too many programs or files at once.  The more bandwidth you have to download with the better!