The following guides are meant to assist you with downloading and installing a Steam Key title purchased on Direct2Drive. 

If you need assistance playing your game or need help troubleshooting Steam, please visit .

How do I download and activate my Steam Key title?

In order to activate your title on steam, you'll first need to locate your activation key. You can locate your Game's Activation Key in your My Games section on our website.

To install the game on your computer:

STEP 1) Install Steamworks by clicking the "Install Steam Now" link on Steam's Website 

STEP 2) Create a new Steam Account, or log in to an existing account using the installed Steam Client

STEP 3) While viewing the Steam Client, look in the lower left corner and click on "ADD A GAME"


STEP 4) Choose "Activate a Product on Steam" (Only valid for Steam activated titles)


STEP 5) Enter your Product Code from your My Games page!/my-account/my-games, and click Next.

STEP 6) The game will be added to your Steam Library. Follow the prompts from there.

I bought a game, can I activate it on Steam?

Not all games use Steam Key activation. Please check the System Requirements on the Product Information page for the specific game to see if your purchase activates on Steam. Game activation and all technical support running Steamworks activated games is provided by Steam Support. For expert help for these titles, please visit

For further assistance with Direct2Drive from a Technical Support Specialist, please pastedGraphic_3.png.