The following guide is to help you with redeeming your Downloadable Content (DLC) on Steam, and how to verify that all of the content is included.

First, you will want to register the product key on Steam, you can follow the steps from our How to use the Steam Client guide:


Once the key is registered, the game will be displayed only as the game's original name in your Steam Library. In most cases it will not note "GOTY" "Collector's" or "Gold" editions, and will only display the standard edition's name.  You can verify that DLC and any extra content is registered by doing the following:

  • Navigate to your Steam Library and right-click the game in question. 
  • Select View Downloadable Content 

  • This will bring up all of the DLC and content for the game, with Borderlands 2 pictured below as an example:


If you need further assistance Activating, Downloading or Installing this title, all game activation and technical support running Steam activated games are provided by Steam Support. For expert help for these titles, please visit